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Experiments through 11/13

Mo’ Month Experiments:

$1 of Every Experimental Burger Benefits Men’s Health at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center

Pumpkin Spiced Mac & Cheese $6

Cheddar American Mac & Cheese $5

Maple Glazed Sweet Potato Salad

Spread 4.99/1.50 as a Side Substitute

Onion Rings

 W/Choice of Sauce $5.99 / $1.50 as a Side Substitute

Thunderous Mustache in Paradise $13.99

Vegetarian Black Bean Patty, Lunchbox Onions, Monterrey Jack, Sliced Avocado & HabeMango Sauce

The Mighty Sellek $14.99

House Made Corned Beef Patty, Bacon Braised Onions & Kraut, Swiss Cheese & Billion Island Sauce

The Western Walrus

(AKA the Sam Elliot) $14.99

Signature Kobe Beef Blend Seasoned with House Made Cowboy Steak Rub, Bacon, Havarti, Fried Onion Rings & Papa’s BBQ Sauce


Shake, Shake, Shakez!

Pumpkin Cheesecake OR

Chocolate Stout with Mocha Whipped Cream