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Experimental Menu

Mac du Jour $6.99

Pumpkin Mac With Nutmeg

Appetizer $6.99

 KabochaTempurawith a yellow curry ranch.


Meatless in Seattle – $11.99

Vegan Bean Patty, cream cheese, grilled onions, jalapenos andaguajillocreamcheese spread.

Psychedelectable – $14.99

Signature beef patty, grilled onions, sautéed mushroom blend (oyster and crimini), Swiss cheese and ablackgarlictrufflemayo

47/53 Burger – $14.99 (Limited Availability)

47% Signature Kobe beef patty blended with 53% ground wild boar bacon, grilled onions, honey cured bacon, chipotle cream cheese with a honey bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Featured Snoqualmie Shakes 

Mud & Worms Milkshake – $7.99 / $5.99

Candy Corn Millkshake – $7.99 / $5.99