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Lunchbox Laboratory has been voted BEST BURGER by 425 Magazine!  Here’s what they had to say:

“Best Burger: Lunchbox Laboratory
The folks at Lunchbox Laboratory love to experiment, and you will be amazed by the original burgers on their menu. Or build your own burger — what’s better than that? Bring on the toppings.” 

Not only do we thank them very much, but we also completely agree.  Stop by soon for some amazing goodness!


Seattle Times: Nostalgia on the Happy-Hour Menu

We’ve received a glowing review from the Seattle Times, focusing on Lunchbox Laboratory’s Happy Hour (or as we call it, Kick Ass Hour.) They describe our burgers as “paradise” and our tater tots as “cafeteria food gone amok.”
Read the full article by Tan Vinh HERE!

America’s Best Bites: Top 5 Burgers

Lunchbox Laboratory’s Dork Burger is everywhere.  Food blogs…  TV shows…  Your face…  You can’t avoid it.  It was recently ranked one of the top 5 burgers in the country on TV’s America’s Best Bites. Check it out!


Lunchbox Laboratory Joins South Lake Union

Food Network: 50 States 50 Burgers


Customers kill time in line by admiring an old lunch-box collection and deciding which of eight patties and 50 toppings to get.  Some take the easy route and pick one of the chef’s daily combos, like the Dork Burger: 40% pork and 20% “secret.” Rumor has it, the last bit is cured meat.

from the Food Network.