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Seattle Weekly Voted Us Best Geeky Eats! 8.15.14

Thank you Seattle Weekly for Voting us Best Geeky Eats! We always had a feeling and now you’ve confirmed it! Read the write-up here.

Did You See Us On the Travel Channel Yesterday?

Lunchbox Laboratory on “Check Please!”

Lunchbox is hiring!

We’re hiring front of house and back of the house staff, so please stop on by and drop off your resume.


Lunchbox Laboratory has been voted BEST BURGER by 425 Magazine!  Here’s what they had to say:

“Best Burger: Lunchbox Laboratory
The folks at Lunchbox Laboratory love to experiment, and you will be amazed by the original burgers on their menu. Or build your own burger — what’s better than that? Bring on the toppings.” 

Not only do we thank them very much, but we also completely agree.  Stop by soon for some amazing goodness!