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America’s Best Bites: Top 5 Burgers

Lunchbox Laboratory’s Dork Burger is everywhere.  Food blogs…  TV shows…  Your face…  You can’t avoid it.  It was recently ranked one of the top 5 burgers in the country on TV’s America’s Best Bites. Check it out!


Lunchbox Laboratory Joins South Lake Union

Food Network: 50 States 50 Burgers


Customers kill time in line by admiring an old lunch-box collection and deciding which of eight patties and 50 toppings to get.  Some take the easy route and pick one of the chef’s daily combos, like the Dork Burger: 40% pork and 20% “secret.” Rumor has it, the last bit is cured meat.

from the Food Network.

Epicurious: The Best Burgers in America

For those seeking supernal spin in their burgers, look no farther than Lunchbox Laboratory’s “Burger of the Gods.” This ambitious sandwich combines sweet, balsamic-soaked onions and tangy Gorgonzola cream sauce with a freshly ground mix of grass-fed sirloin, rib eye, and prime rib—served on an organic kaiser bun. The Burger of the Gods is one of several house combos at this quirky Ballard-based burger shack, but chef/owner Scott Simpson encourages invention. In addition to beef, there are lamb, falafel, “churken” (chicken and turkey), and “dork” (duck and pork) burgers, at least a dozen homemade sauces, plus numerous toppings, cheeses, and sides. You can even select the seasoning salt for curly, straight, or sweet-potato fries. The cramped space jammed with vintage, well, junk maintains the eclectic theme, but most of the seating is outdoors anyway. Hours can be erratic, but the burgers are dependably divine. —Providence Cicero, Seattle Times restaurant critic


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Gourmet Magazine: Restaurants worth the money: Pacific Northwest

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Lunchbox Laboratory
A giant chalkboard listing house-made toppings dominates chef Scott Simpson’s tiny burger-and-shake joint. The messy beef burgers are archetypal; the Dork burger combines duck and pork; and the milkshakes (especially the fudgy Boston cream) are the best in town. 7302 15th Ave. N.W., Seattle (206-706-3092; Lunchbox Laboratory)